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Comments, criticisms, and opinions on fics are welcome. RP starters please message. No permission needed to use art. Enjoy your stay and come back soon.

[sticky post] Rebooting the LJ

Since there is a possibility that my RP characters may be moving from tumblr to here, I am rebooting this from a purely fan/ fan fiction blog to an also multi-muse RP blog. I run 5 characters: an OC in the SuperWhoVengerLock Universe called Kimber Mac, Gabriel from Supernatural, Bobby Singer from Supernatural, Molly Hooper from Sherlock, and Raymond "Red" Reddington from The Blacklist.

SO, if anyone wants to try an RP with any of them, give me a shout.


Voicemail reply to multiversebleed 2

"Voicemail" from Gabriel to Jenny, it can even be a wrong number if you don't want to imply a pre-existing relationship.

"::singing very badly:: Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to?
You give me somethin' I can hold on to
I know you think I'm like the others before
Who saw your name and number on the wall

::laughs:: Yeah, that's a song down there, ya know? Not about you specifically, but Jennys in general. See what I did there?

Anyway, it's just Gabe. We met when you were hanging out with the Hunters, taking your 'Earth Monsters and How to Kill Em' course? ::chuckles:: I asked for your number and you thought I meant serial number. I really thought that was kinda sad. You're a pretty girl slash alien. You should have something...someone...besides that smart ass cat to be chill with. To be a person instead of a soldier with. My whole idiot family is full of soldiers and look where it got us. Killing each other, or trying to.

What I'm trying to say is, I'd like to hang out with you some time. Yeah, I'm tanked at the moment, but I've been meaning to do this for a while, so...yeah. Ummm...call me...if you want."


Voicemail reply to multiversebleed 1

"Voicemail," from Kimber to Ten, in which case I expect he will be making the face in the icon you made me.

"Voicemail. Bloody Space Voicemail. Lemme guess. Yer off savin' th' bleedin' Planet a th' Sandshoes an' can' be bovvered. ::muffled:: Jus' leave th' bottle mate, take tha' un an' make some room. ::pause:: OI! I don' tell ya 'ow ta serve th' booze! Don' ya tell me 'ow ta drink it! Flippin' wait staff gettin' above their station.

D'ya realize I'm gonna live a very, very long time? I am! Marfha tol' me when I 'ad me annual physical t'day. I mean, I knew kinda cause Logan an' Wade, bu' I never actually 'eard it said ta me b'fore.

'Ow d'ya deal wifh sommat like that? I live on a planet full a people who're gonna croak while I'm still young an livin'! I've sat 'ere drinkin' enough alcohol ta kill a bull elephant, an' I'll feel like shite in th' mornin', drink a bottle a juice an go on. ::pause::

Why ain' you 'ere? ::sniffles:: Bloody Planet a th' Sandshoes."


Monday muse on Tuesday

Cause Job Hunting sucks. All muses available, please specify.

"Send “voicemail” to hear my muse’s drunken voice messages they leave on your muse’s phone"

Send me “FITE ME”...

And I’ll generate a random number and write a drabble/starter of our muses doing:

  1. snowball fight

  2. watergun fight

  3. splash war in the pools

  4. poke war

  5. throwing “grass bombs”

  6. poke war (FB version)

  7. cook off

  8. pillow fight

  9. tickle fight

  10. playing uno

  11. food fight

  12. everybody’s it tag

  13. playing monopoly

  14. silly wrestling

  15. playing rock paper scissor to see who gets the last of their fav food.

  16. playing Mario Kart

  17. calling each other silly names

  18. trying to get Sharpie/paint on each other

Also all muses are available for this one. :D


Munday: Ask the Muse

Ask any of my muses questions about the mun. Whatever you wanted to know about the mun, from hilarious to uncomfortable, the muse will answer them from their point of view.


Sad but true...